The 2015 Analytics Software Market

Now that the books have closed on 2015, it’s time to look back and take in some of the changes in the analytics software market. There have been several..

Source: The 2015 Analytics Software Market



eero – Blanket your home in fast, reliable WiFi

I came across this product via Product Hunt and conceptually, I love it.

I currently live in a 3 storey home and I am constantly challenged by my WiFi connection when I am up on the top floor of the house or outside around my house. I currently have my router setup in my home office in the basement which I get may not be optimal, however it is where I work each day.

I am definitely going to look into purchasing one of these little devices (or 3 of them) soon. Nothing like sitting out back on the deck and a beautifully sunny day getting all your work done using a great WiFi connection.

Check it out eero.

11 free tools to protect your online activity from surveillance

11 free tools to protect your online activity from surveillance

Privacy and your online security is something that all users need to put more energy behind understanding, protecting and advocating to ensure that the Internet remains a great place to share, learn and explore.

There are the obvious threats of hackers, however it could also be an issue with your government. Governments all over are using the web to keep tabs on their citizens for which many of us know little about what they are collecting and how frequently.

I recommend the use of various tools to protect your online privacy from browser extensions to password managers and more. The key to adopting a more private internet experience is understanding that the more private and secure you get, the more you may give up regarding your online experience. Most tools and software will restrict certain apps from running as they pose a potential risk for exposing your data, so just keep this in mind.

Check out the link below from Mashable which highlights some great tools to make you more anonymous on the web.

11 free tools to protect your online activity from surveillance.

Reminder Hero – Email And Text Message Reminders

Looking for a simple app that will help you remember all things that need to get done. Reminder Hero provides a simple app that will remind you when things need to be done. Check out the site below and sign up for the beta.

Let us know your initial feedback and thoughts in the comments below.

Reminder Hero – Email And Text Message Reminders.

Mobile – Mobile Minute [Video]: What the New iPhones Mean for Your Apps : MarketingProfs Article

Here is a good overview from the Mobile Minute on Apple’s big announcements this week regarding the two new iPhones 5s and 5c

Mobile – Mobile Minute [Video]: What the New iPhones Mean for Your Apps : MarketingProfs Article.

Would love to know your thoughts regarding the 5c – do you think this will help help reach more users? Do you think that this lower price point is something that Apple should be doing? and lastly, how innovative was Apple’s announcements? Do you think it helps them stay ahead of the competition?


Smart wallet knows if you’ve lost a credit card | Springwise


Smart wallet knows if you’ve lost a credit card | Springwise.

How many of us could use this wallet? I am always so conscious about my wallet and paranoid that I will end up leaving it somewhere or forget a credit card or debit card in a machine.

Well, no more – guess what I am asking for for Christmas 🙂

Talk to the Hand becomes reality with smartwatches


Talk to the hand – smartwatches gain momentum

I am really excited about the idea behind smartwatches – having one less item to carry around would be awesome.  As an early adopter you might find people looking at you with that Star Trek gaze while waiting for you to be beamed up by Scotty. However, you will look really cool 🙂

I am a big Samsung fan and love the fact that they always pushing the envelope while providing a solid product each time. There has been a lot of discussion about Apple and smartwatches – look forward to seeing what they come out with – hopefully this fall. Another great smartwatch option is the Pebble watch which I have been following for some time – actually saving my pennies to get one of these so I can be the first on my street 🙂

In any event, technology is getting smaller and more convenient. In fact, there is already talk and prototypes of technology that will be built into the items we wear each day such as clothing. I do wonder as this future comes upon us what it will be like to go for a quite walk in the park? Perhaps, you will be walking along and think that someone is asking you a question and as you go to respond you realize a little too late that they were just on the phone talking into the open air. Here is great video to demonstrate that point

So tell me – is this a cool technology or is technology just getting too weird?



Samsung HomeSync is a Jelly Bean-powered Apple TV rival | Mobile World Congress – CNET Reviews


We recently cut our cord and now use only the internet for our TV entertainment – no cable, no satellite. With Internet TV getting more focus, we should see more and more technology innovations coming out to allow consumers more choice and furthering the cause to cut the cord.