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Talk to the Hand becomes reality with smartwatches


Talk to the hand – smartwatches gain momentum

I am really excited about the idea behind smartwatches – having one less item to carry around would be awesome.  As an early adopter you might find people looking at you with that Star Trek gaze while waiting for you to be beamed up by Scotty. However, you will look really cool 🙂

I am a big Samsung fan and love the fact that they always pushing the envelope while providing a solid product each time. There has been a lot of discussion about Apple and smartwatches – look forward to seeing what they come out with – hopefully this fall. Another great smartwatch option is the Pebble watch which I have been following for some time – actually saving my pennies to get one of these so I can be the first on my street 🙂

In any event, technology is getting smaller and more convenient. In fact, there is already talk and prototypes of technology that will be built into the items we wear each day such as clothing. I do wonder as this future comes upon us what it will be like to go for a quite walk in the park? Perhaps, you will be walking along and think that someone is asking you a question and as you go to respond you realize a little too late that they were just on the phone talking into the open air. Here is great video to demonstrate that point http://youtu.be/Khn1d6LQ8PU

So tell me – is this a cool technology or is technology just getting too weird?



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